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2014 black tovero stallion

About Echo Eternal

Meet Echo Eternal, an extraordinary APHA stallion embodying the pinnacle of athleticism and breathtaking beauty.  With a commanding presence, his dynamic form and fluid movements captivate onlookers.  Beyond his physical prowess, Echo Eternal stands out for his incredible demeanor--a gentle spirit that complements his exceptional abilities.  He is not just a stallion, he is a harmonious blend of grace, power, and a temperament that resonates with the true essence of equine excellence.  

Echo Eternal passes on his legacy to his foals through a blend of athleticism fueling their powerful and graceful movements.  His insatiable curiosity becomes an inherited trait, fostering an inquisitive nature in the next generation.  Moreover, the willingness to embrace challenges is a hallmark of Echo Eternal's lineage, ensuring that his foals approach life with determination and resilience.


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Breeding information

Echo Eternal

2014 homozygous black tovero stallion

16 hands, 1200+ lbs

5 panel negative, IMM negative

 2024 breeding fee: $750.00


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