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About Us at AK Paint Ranch

AK Paint Ranch is primarily dedicated to offering “Echo” for stud; for you, this means breeding your favorite mare with a resulting quality, correct foal with substance and wonderful demeanor. 


As breeding manager, I focus on two goals –

1.  your mare is cared for like she is one of our own

2.  you are thrilled with your new foal!


I began working with equine veterinarians at the age of nine.  After completing my degree in Equine Science, Breeding Management, I managed an Arabian Horse Farm in Rancho Santa Fe, CA, and then a Saddlebred Farm in Sussex, NJ, before returning to college to further my education. 

Kevin and I looked at Echo’s sire, Diesel many times over the course of a year and purchased him when he was five years old.  We bred Diesel for 17 years before losing him in 2018, thinking we would never again have such a wonderful experience with another stallion. 


Along comes Echo.  Echo was born at AK Paint Ranch in 2014, out of Prissy Puddin and sired by BBF Dr Dixon aka Diesel.  He was purchased unborn by Theresa Jenkins.  She did an amazing job raising him for seven years; I am forever grateful she entrusted us to provide him a forever home in early 2021. 


Echo has demonstrated the amazing willingness and disposition of his sire.  Undergoing under saddle training and leaving his first show experience with the award of Grand Champion in 2022.  It is our intention to support him in furthered education with the devotion of our trainer, Ashley Miller.


Echo is registered with both APHA and Pinto Horse and we will advocate for the registration of your Echo foal.  We love staying connected with pictures and hearing all the stories!  We look forward to Echo producing you the foal of your dreams!


Our clients have become our friends.   Please let us know how we can be of help.

Amy & Kevin

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