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About Ashley Miller at AK Paint Ranch

Meet Ashley Miller, our esteemed trainer at AK Paint Ranch!

Ashley's equestrian journey commenced at the age of four when she began riding English.  Her dedication led her to join her boarding school's equestrian team on the East Coast, competing in prestigious events such as the Mid-Atlantic Horse Shows, Maryland Interscholastic Horse Trials, and securing a Silver Medal at the Junior Olympics.

Continuing her passion, Ashley pursued higher education at Texas Tech University, where she became an integral part of their Rodeo Team.

Ashley is a seasoned horse trainer, certified lesson instructor, and a beacon of expertise in the equestrian world.  Ashley's mastery spans across diverse disciplines, including barrel racing, western pleasure, hunter/jumper, reining, and foundational equine maneuvers.  Her passion for imparting knowledge is matched only by commitment to inclusivity, welcoming enthusiasts from all backgrounds to embark on a journey of skill refinement and horsemanship under her guidance.  Ashley Miller is not just a trainer; she is a dedicated mentor, shaping both riders and horses for success across a spectrum of equestrian pursuits.


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